Furios Properties actively seek out landlords who have properties that they for various cannot sell or rent out. Its not necessarily due to demand, but rather the effort overhead associated with managing a property, or a mismatch between their property size and the typical market who a high street letting agents would target.

Armed with budget, and experience Furios take on some huge properties, refurbish them and bring them up to standard both design and compliance wise. They then assess its market potential and either market the property as a whole to their exclusive and often inaccessible to competitors client base or market the property as a shared house, containing single and double rooms;

The results are successful. Previously unrentable properties are full of tenants. The landlords and property owners are happy.


But what about the tenants?


The current hurdles many prospective tenants have to go through to rent a property in London are not just tiresome but beyond many financially. Additionally with minimum duration agreements often in excess of 1 year, council tax, bills, rent up front…. the whole process makes you run for the hills.

The process is meant to weed out bad tenants but its so onerous many great tenants are blocked from renting. Furios Properties recognise this and firmly believe that everyone should have an opportunity to rent a flat or room within a flat. We also realise that 1 bill is far easier to manage than multiple and hence each Furios Property includes in its rental figure:

  • All Bills
  • Council Tax
  • Hi Speed WIFI
  • Weekly Cleaning

All you have to focus on is the rent. Typically we collect rent fortnightly, and as such our minimum duration is 2 weeks, however most of our tenants stay far longer. So to get started we simply require the first 2 weeks rent and a deposit which s typically equivalent to 2 weeks rent. The deposit is placed in a tenancy deposit scheme and is returned to the tenant when they decide to move on. Any deductions from the deposit are done as part of a 2 way conversation with the landlord and the tenant based on on initial inventory and state of interior etc.

Given our lean process, all of the usual “fluff” that surrounds renting a property is removed. You can really #ViewToday #MoveToday.

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